Ensuring your data security

Podium goes above and beyond to ensure data accuracy and data security.

Data Accuracy & Security

Podium365 Security

Podium follows the principles of GDPR as well as ISO 27001, as such we must ensure the accuracy of the data we collect as well as securing and protecting that data. To guarantee the highest standards Podium has partnered with Microsoft to provide access to their Azure cloud computing services.

Podium use the latest web technologies, and Microsoft’s state of the art security to offer our clients and their candidates the most reliable experience possible. Preventing misuse of data by having full encryption, end-to-end.

Podiums security standards are regularly assessed by independent analysists to ensure the Podium platform is protected from all the latest vulnerabilities.

End-to-End Encryption

When transferring data Podium uses full HTTPS encryption to protect all sensitive data in transit. In addition, we also encrypt our data at rest, while it is not being accessed by clients. Ensuring the highest level of data security.

For more information about Podium security, or to ask us about our security policies please contact us.

Unproctored Test Validity

Ensuring the validity of an unproctored or unsupervised remote assessment is a vital part of the assessment process. Without a supervisor, it is not possible to be sure that items are not copied and distributed, or that a candidate is not receiving assistance. Ensuring the test security is therefore a key part of the assessment process.

Podium has designed multiple solutions to assist with test security and the validity of the results:

Item Banks

Ability tests use item banks to ensure that each candidate receives a similar, but not identical assessment. Additionally, Podium shift the responses so that the correct answer is not always in the same position.

Adaptive (CAT)

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) is used for higher level requirements. CAT produces an assessment unique to the candidate that focuses in on their ability.

Facial Validation

Podium’s facial validation technology uses the candidates webcam to actively monitor assessment process. It watches to ensure that only one face can be seen at a time, that the face is the same throughout, and uses Artificial Intelligence to detect issues in testing.

Active Monitoring

The assessment process is continually monitored by the Podium platform. Logs are taken identifying how long a candidate spends on a page, clearing down clipboards if screen shots are taken, Monitoring for screen un-focus, and much more.

Contact us to find out more about our security practices and policies.