The Podium Difference

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The Podium Difference

Responsive to research

We build on a foundation of excellence, combining psychometrics and technology. Every product that we produce must meet exceptional standards. if it doesn't, we drop it. We believe that the industry will not progress without further transparency around the limitations of psychometric tools. That's why we build on academically researched models and publish our findings for others to benefit from our work.

Responsive to new technologies

We use the latest web technologies on an industry-leading cloud platform to deliver our assessment solution. You’ll find it to be cutting-edge, reliable, and easy to use tool for all your assessment needs.

Responsive to customers

Podium is a flexible administration and reporting platform that was designed with both practitioners and test-takers in mind. As customisation is our lifeblood, we can tailor our assessment experience to fit the brand, culture, and ethos of organisations in a way that nobody else can. If you have unique requirements, we would be happy to explore their development as well as build custom applications and integrate with third-party providers or corporate applications.

Responsive to experience

Science provides the foundation and creativity fuels the experience. This is what sets us apart as a company and a provider. Organisations that use our product feel as though the assessment experience is an extension of themselves, and test-takers engage emotionally with the assessment experience that they see your company providing.

Responsive to feedback

We pursue feedback as it allows us to adapt, evolve, learn and create effective change. In order for us to improve, we must seek feedback whenever and wherever we can.

Responsive to test takers

Everyone involved in the assessment process deserves a fulfilling experience. For test-takers, that involves providing feedback reports that enable them to better understand themselves and others. We offer individuals the direction and tools that they need to strive towards being the person they want to be.

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