Branding & Customisation

Bringing your organisation to the fore

Podium365 is designed from the ground up to be customised and branded to your organisations needs

Branding & Customisation

Podium365 Branding & Customisation

Podium365 has been designed from the ground up to be customisable to your needs. From being able to choose from a wide variety of assessment combinations, to incorporating your company logo and colour scheme throughout the assessment process, allowing for full candidate immersion into your company culture.

Podium takes a back seat during the assessment process, bringing your corporate design and branding to the fore, with systems that are designed to allow you to choose how the assessment process flows for your candidates.

Branding and Customisation is available throughout the Podium system allowing you to tailor messaging to candidates, provide additional instructions or information, as well as customising the output of the assessments to fit your requirements.

Candidate Experience

Candidates are immersed in your company branding throughout their assessment process. This process enhances the candidate experience, and strengthens candidate buy-in during the completion of their assessments.



Customise the emails sent to candidates, including logo’s & graphics as well as email body content that is mail merge enabled to make each email unique to the candidate.

Landing Page

Candidates are guided through their assessment experience via a fully customisable landing page. Full company branding and messaging is available, and advanced customisations are available.


Full company branding is visible throughout the assessment process, seamlessly allowing candidates to move through, immersed in the company culture and experience.


Full branding continues into all assessment reporting, including company logos and colours throughout the reports. Reports are available in Word or Pdf format and may be customised to meet your needs or reporting requirements.

Custom Reporting & Frameworks

Podium reports can be customised to your needs or adapted to fits your own competency frameworks. We can help you pick and choose the scales from the range of Podium assessments that best fit your organisation, mapping these scales to your internal framework, and providing a dedicated custom report that talks to your competencies.

Choose the content you want for standard reports or change how the content is presented. Podium reports are fully customisable to fit your needs.

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Internet Explorer 11



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