Integrations & API

Connecting to the tools you use

Podium integrates with other online tools as well as offering its own fully documented developer API.

Integrations & API

Podium365 Integrations

Podium integrates with a growing number of third-party tools and assessment providers. These integrations can help you simplify your assessment process, reducing the number of tools you move between. Integrations can also enhance the offering within Podium.

Podium have integrated with a variety of key online providers including test publishers, applicant tracking systems, single-sign-on services, video interview providers, 360 degree provides, and more.

Podium also offer a fully documented developer API enabling other tools to host Podium products seamlessly. The API allows other providers to create assessments, collect results, get reports, and much more.

Connecting You – Applicant Tracking Systems

Podium already integrates with a number of online applicant tracking systems. Contact us today to see about seamlessly integrating Podium products into your recruitment campaign.

Integrate With Podium

Applicant Tracking (ATS)

Include Podium tests & products within the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you already use. No need to swap between multiple online tools, keep everything in one place.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Use your own Single-Sign-On service to access Podium products and assessments. Keep all access to external tools secure within your organisation. Choose between SAML and OAuth.

Assessment Providers

Podium have integrated with global third-party assessment providers giving you access to an additional range of over 500 products and assessments seamlessly integrated into the Podium platform.

Podium Developer API

Use the Podium Developer API to integrate Podium products into your online tools. Send invitations, gather results, review data, all via your own tools of choice. Contact us for more information.

Contact Us

Podium has a dedicated development team to help you with your integration requirements. They can advice on the integration and development process, as well as timescales and costs, or if you wish to access the Podium Developer API. Contact us to discuss you integration options.