We believe that organisations that live and breathe their values in everything they do are the ones that thrive. That includes how they bring people on board. Podium delivers an immersive assessment experience that is built around your organisation’s DNA.

Podium’s assessments are built to give potential recruits a positive experience of your organisation. They’re short and snappy, they look great and they’re all wrapped up in a package that lets people engage with your organisation’s brand; learn about its culture; and explore their personal alignment with its core values.

The exploration goes both ways. Your organization needs the right people: those who are aligned with its direction and purpose. Podium offers a range of assessments to help find those people. We tailor those assessments to measure what’s important to your organisation. We report on the indicators that you care most about. We find the people that fit.

Feel confident knowing that Podium stands firm on a bedrock of scientific and technical excellence. Its assessments are backed by world-class research, and its technology is state of the art – and secure. And we’re continually evolving. Just as your organisation continues to change, we don’t stand still either. We advance alongside.

As potential recruits begin their journey of exploration into your organisation, we want to give them an experience that feels like an expression of your organisation’s heart and soul. And we want you to find those special ones that were born to be part of your team.

Stand up for validity

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