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Critical Reasoning

Acumen stands out from traditional testing methodologies. It merges numerical and verbal elements within a multitude of innovative interactive formats. Imagine examinations conducted through text messages, blog posts, bubble charts, and even project management applications. This unique approach ensures candidates remain fully engaged throughout the process.

In today's world, awash with information, the significance of critical reasoning is paramount. It forms the cornerstone of effective problem-solving, enabling the discernment of valuable insights from an array of sources, leading to logical, defendable conclusions.

With Acumen, evaluate critical reasoning abilities with unparalleled precision. It delves into an individual's capacity to analyse and synthesise information from diverse sources, aiding in drawing logical, defendable, and justifiable conclusions. Acumen: The definitive tool to unlock outstanding critical reasoning prowess.

Acumen provides a comprehensive assessment of critical reasoning using real-world, workplace scenarios.

Acumen is suitable for graduates, emerging leaders, managers and executives and has application in the selection and development of staff.

Numerical Critical Reasoning

Numerical critical reasoning assesses the ability to process and draw logical conclusions for problems or data presented in a numerical form. For Acumen, these are presented in real work like formats including charts, data tables or project reports.

Verbal Critical Reasoning

Verbal critical reasoning assesses capabilities for analysing and synthesising information presented verbally, such as in text messages, emails or blogs, and making logical and meaningful assumptions, inferences and conclusions.


Critical Reasoning

Numerical Critical Reasoning

Verbal Critical Reasoning


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Numerical: 25 Questions (25 mins)

Verbal: 25 Questions (20 mins)

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About Acumen

Acumen consists of 25 numerical and 25 verbal items and is a measure of the ability to analyse information derived from different sources and draw logical conclusions which can be defended and justified. It measures the following abilities associated with critical reasoning:

Understand and identify key points in complex arguments.

Comprehend and identify trends from statistical data.

Analyse information derived from different sources.

Evaluate the strength of arguments.

Make logical assumptions and inferences.

Make logical assumptions and inferences.

Acumen Overview

Provides a comprehensive assessment of business reasoning in verbal and numerical reasoning forms.

Acumen has strong overall internal consistency reliability in excess of 0.85 across subsamples e.g. gender, age.

Flexible administration with either supervised or unsupervised options.

Stems presented in the test reflect a wide range of business contexts and data sources to increase applicability.

Provides interactive charts and tables for ease of data extraction.

Provides interactive charts and tables for ease of data extraction.

Developed using a sample of graduates and managers to better reflect the target group and differentiate between applicants of high ability.

The test is quick to administer with a completion time of 45 minutes, which is comparable or shorter than similar tests.