Host your assessments on Podium

Use Podium to host and administer your own assessments online with Podiums advanced questionnaire and reporting tools.

Questionnaire Hosting

Host on Podium

Use the Podium platform to host your own questionnaires online using our advanced questionnaire and reporting engines.

The Podium platform is fully customisable, allowing presentation of any questionnaire. It tracks candidate completion, handles internet connectivity issues, incorporates client branding, and securely stores all candidate responses. Podium also operates a paywall for revenue generation from questionnaire completions.

Podium also offers a variety of reporting options for your data from Word/Pdf reporting through to bulk Excel data exporting. Podium reports are completely customisable and can be designed with specific requirements or clients in mind.

The Podium Catalogue

Choose to run you assessment privately, or open it up to the Podium Catalogue* for use by our partner network for sale to their end user clients. To find out more about the process please contact us for further information about hosting your assessment.

* Only approved assessments that meet set criteria may be offered in the Podium Catalogue.

Hosting Features


Designed to fit your questionnaires needs, allowing the including of any modern web components to gather the candidate responses. Client branding is included by default.


Standard Podium security features are included as default. Additional candidate security is built in by default, including the ability to randomise questions and their answers as well as the use of item banked questionnaires.


The Podium platform works across all modern browsers and devices. Questionnaires responsively scale dependant on the device. Screen reader accessibility options are included by default.


Assessments on the Podium platform can be administrated in person on screen by an administrator, or remotely via email invitation. Addition bulk administration options are also available allowing for mass social media campaigns.