Drivers Career Anchors

Understanding personal drivers can help identify where individuals are likely to gain most satisfaction from work

Drivers Career Anchors

Drivers Career Anchors

Identify where individuals are likely to gain satisfaction from work

Drivers profiles a person’s motivations to determine the amount of energy and effort they are likely to expend in different activities.

The assessment is based on one of the most widely recognised theories of career development and work values, namely, Schein’s Career Anchors model and measures a combination of work-related motivators and values to investigate how compatible individuals are with different work environments.

Identify work preferences

Understanding personal drivers can help identify where individuals are likely to gain most satisfaction from work. It can also help identify individuals whose work preferences are most aligned with an organisation’s values and work practices and work environment.

Drivers Measures

Measures the following work values and drivers.

Work Life Balance: The need to seek fulfilment in one's personal activities outside of work and ensure that work is kept separate to one's personal life.

Security / Stability: The need for stability, continuity and job security.

Opportunities: The freedom to seek opportunities, take risks and push boundaries.

Stimulation: The need for stimulation, challenge and variety in one's work.

Autonomy / Independence: The freedom and discretion to schedule one's work and how the work is carried out.

Technical Accomplishment: The need to obtain a feeling of technical accomplishment and work to the best of one's technical abilities.

Authority / Power: The need for power and control over others "to give directions and instructions to others".

Service: The need to use one's talents to help others and make a difference.

Compensation / Reward: The need to be well-paid in comparison to others.


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