Covid-19: Podium's Response [Updated 24/03/2020]

With coronavirus sending the world into a tailspin, we at Podium wanted to assure you that we are committed to responding to the crisis positively.

We’re going to help people adapt to the changing world.

We’ve only just started, but here’s some of what’s going on so far:

  • We’re continuing all our usual services.
  • We’ve helped a major client who previously tested face-to-face only to be able to test remotely, including transitioning them to a new assessment that was better suited to internet testing.
  • We are ramping up our development of facial validation during remote testing to give people greater confidence that candidates are “following the rules” when they can’t be tested in an office. (This will be ready in a few weeks.)
  • We are ensuring that our video interviewing capability can be readily deployed to those who need it so that we can help people cut down on unnecessary face-to-face contact. (Social distancing works!)
  • We are considering making available a wellness-check survey. This could help employees who are working from home and dealing with social isolation and disconnection.
  • And we’re going to do more. We’re pulling together ideas for how Podium can help, and we’re going to put the best of them into action. Over the forthcoming weeks, we will be providing further updates.

Until then, stay safe and look out for one another.

For more information about working from home in these times please see: Podium's tips for working from home.